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A study of organizational behavior reveals that you can’t effectively motivate others until you change attitudes.  You can’t change attitudes until you convince others that the information you are sharing is relevant and can be applied to their particular situation. . . .


Thanks to our Consultative Training Process, we are changing the way people think about corporate training.  We are raising the bar.  Expectations are greater.  The Carlyle Consulting Group has helped thousands of real estate and human resource professional become more productive and energized in their careers.



Corporate Training FAQ's


How are you different than other corporate training companies?

What is the Consultative Training Process?

How does the Consultative Training Process work?

Why does the process work?

On what topics do you provide training?

How do we get started?
















How are you different than other corporate training companies?

Our approach to corporate training is very different.  First and foremost, our background is that of a consulting firm and that’s how we operate our business.  We believe our clients are entitled to a true learning experience, not just a good lecture.  We provide this high level of service through our Consultative Training Process.


What is the Consultative Training Process?

This term describes the merging of our consulting philosophy with our corporate training expertise.  The result is a dynamic and targeted learning experience.


We’ve found that our clients have basically the same problems and needs as other organizations; however, it is their external environment and internal corporate culture that sets them apart as unique from others.


Whether a desire to improve in such areas as customer service, team building, time management, cost reduction, negotiation or conflict resolution, most organizations experience the same challenges. 


By identifying these generic problems and then revealing the specific scenarios in which these difficulties occur in your organization, we are able to tailor a workable and very practical solution for your company.  It’s at this point that dramatic process improvement occurs.  This is where your training investment pays dividends!


How does the Consultative Training Process work?

Traditionally, when an organization hires a corporate trainer, they labor through a stack of business cards and flyers searching for a so-called “topic expert”.  Inevitably, a trainer is chosen based on the perception that they are indeed a topic expert, but little thought is given to the clients needs and desired outcomes.  Of course each client is different and that’s why the canned speech doesn’t work.


The key to our client’s dramatic improvements (and our high marks for client satisfaction) revolves around shared training values.  We achieve this through a training partnership.  Early on we work closely with our clients by performing a needs analysis, reviewing internal and external case studies, designing the program around sound business models and finally by delivering a captivating workshop


Why does the process work?

When it comes to corporate training, we firmly believe our clients are entitled to a return on their investment.  When you partner with the Carlyle Consulting Group, you receive more than a “good lecture”.  By consulting with you prior to the training program, we ensure a shared set of values and goals.  Our clients value our service because of our ability to solve complex business problems and our job is not complete until we transfer that knowledge to our clients.


Our staff will be eager to answer your questions and get you started towards a more productive corporate training program!



On what topics do you provide training?

Click on the following topics to view a course outline. 



Bidding & Vendor Negotiations in Facility Management


Outsourcing Facility Management - Avoiding Pitfalls


Practical Strategies For Facility Management


Essential Leadership Skills for Facility Managers


OSHA Compliance Made Easy


Project Management Essentials


Essential & Effective Communication Skills


Emergency Planning & Recovery for Facility Management



Effective Team Building for Facility Managers


Effective Time Management for Facility Managers




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